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Creating beautiful moments with HelloBox


Life is made of precious moments; moments that make us who we are and inform the decisions that we make. The most precious moments are those that we remember and stay with us for a lifetime.

We exist to make those moments memorable. Whether starting a new job, buying a new car, moving home or getting married, we believe that enhancing day-to-day experiences, lead to even more memorable moments.

Memorable moments come in a number of forms, usually triggered by heightened emotions. That’s why everything we do is aimed at enhancing an experience, triggering an emotional reaction.

How? We make it personal. Personal to your business and your customers.

At HelloBox, we don’t just create personalised gift boxes branded to your business, we provide meaningful content to make the experience you provide that extra special.

The HelloBox concept was developed by our CEO Ross Jones during his time working in the recruitment sector. Having worked with numerous organisations, all looking to improve their on-boarding processes but hitting multiple stumbling blocks along the way, leaving most organisations to abort their plans and move onto other projects.

There’s no denying it, your first day in a new job is a memorable one, as the ‘newbie’ your emotions are at an all-time high. It’s a moment we don’t think anyone ever forgets. As you head to your new place of work, you’re filled with excitement, apprehension and the nerves of not really knowing what to expect. Arriving at your new job and you’re told where everything is and left to your own devices – not very welcoming.

Our mission is to transform first-day experiences, adding to the excitement, effort and creating moments to remember.

Imagine this; You arrive at your desk for the first time to find a company branded box filled with branded, personalised items, just for you. A mug, book, notebook, pen and USB with all of your new-starter documents, company info and guidelines. A personal letter from the boss to welcome you to the team, along with some tea and biscuits to make your new team a proper brew (and share the biscuits for a great first impression!).

Studies have shown that being appreciated at work has a huge effect on how employees approach their work and that those who are, are more effective and produce better results for their company.

And so, HelloBox was born – the creator of experiences, making memorable moments even more exciting. Bringing more fun into the workplace is what we’re all about, not just for your employees but your colleagues and clients as well.

So, why HelloBox?

We live by a simple ethos, find talent, keep talent, have fun. It’s this ethos which is reflected in our day-to-day, hence why you’ll love working with us. We want to help you create the most memorable experiences and moments through our stunning boxes. Our team will help you enhance the perception of your business by delivering this unique experience.

If you don’t know where to start with the content for your boxes then fear not, we’ll help guide you on what will be perfect for your employees, clients and your business. We’ll help you make the right first impression because we all know that it’s the most important one.

What next?

Since launching our boxes, we noticed a huge gap in the market for other memorable moments in our lives, so we expanded our range to incorporate not only the business aspect but also weddings, gifting and more.

Where there’s a moment to remember, there’s a HelloBox. Contact us today for a bespoke quote.