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Sell an experience, not just a vehicle


Around 3 million cars are sold every year to drivers young and old. Buying a new car is something which is done every 7-10 years; from newbies to established drivers, everyone is looking for something different. Everyone’s experience of buying a car is completely different, we all have different tastes, respect and understanding of cars and this can make a huge difference to purchasing the right vehicle.

At HelloBox we want to make these experiences unique and memorable. Working alongside your brand we’ll create those moments for every one of your customers. Our team of designers will help you create unique gift boxes, working with you to agree the best content to create the most memorable experience on the day they lay hands on the keys to their shiny new car.

We’re all about creating bespoke boxes. Guiding you through content ideas, we’ll craft, design and create boxes that will leave your customers speechless (and of course competitors in awe!).

So, what sort of items could you include in the boxes? Ultimately, it’s completely up to you. We act as your personal buying team, therefore sourcing great quality items isn’t an issue.

We advise choosing a selection of branded and non-branded items, with content ranging from car cleaning & maintenance, through to air fresheners, keyrings, personalised travel mugs, in-car technology items and more. All boxes come pre-packed and beautifully wrapped as standard. Alternatively, choose to go one step further and post individually personalised boxes direct to their door with our managed service.

When your customers receive a HelloBox, you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll tell someone about it, because let’s face it, it’s not every day you receive a unique gift alongside buying your car.

Create memorable experiences that stay with your customers, because cars come and go, but customer loyalty lasts a lifetime.

Create those moments. Share the journey.