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Fun in the workplace


We spend over 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work, so why not use some of that time to have some fun and live our best lives. It can be challenging infusing fun into the workplace, many of us use excuses day in and day out complaining we are busy and we don’t have enough time to take a break. Well it’s up to you and your employer to make sure you make time to have fun at work.

Creating a fun working environment has so many benefits to the workforce, it increases communication as team members bond, it increases creativity, reduces stress and motivates productivity. And let’s face it who doesn’t like to have fun? We certainly do here at HelloBox and we’ve come up with some ways you can incorporate fun into your work day!

Decorate the office

What better way to lighten the mood than to jazz up the office walls or even your very own desk. Creating a picture wall with pictures of staff, words of the day or quote mantras can be one way to keep you motivated throughout a busy day!

Just because it’s an office, it doesn’t have to be all white walls and pale lighting, create your own work friendly environment, after all you do spend the majority of your day there. Make your work space something you look forward to spending time in.

Celebrate staff success

Part of helping to keep employees motivated is celebrating their success. It is important to recognise an employee for a job well done, or a team if there has been an increase in sales because of a team effort. Rewarding employees is key to keeping job satisfaction levels high. You can celebrate in any which way you feel necessary – some ideas we have come up with include; a free dinner, film tickets or even a gift voucher. This in turn will boost morale and increase the productivity rates throughout the office.

Free food

Food = fun. Surprising employees with a catered breakfast or lunch can boost spirits in an office and make employees even more motivated to complete tasks. You could even host a BBQ in the summer or create a themed day once a month to celebrate different cultures and types of food. Free pizza Fridays or an ice cream social would certainly be a welcome start to the weekend, allowing employees to look forward to their return on Monday. It’s good to have these treats from time to time but on a more permanent basis in the office, why not consider a healthier snacking option, we can suggest a fruit bowl perhaps? This will help keep employees energised and improve moods.

Team socialisation

Creating fun outside of the workplace can make a big difference to teamwork in the office. Doing an activity as a team helps build trust with one another while having a good laugh at the same time. Why not try a cocktail making class together for example, or take part in a team building exercise away from the office. Group activities help to bring people together giving them a chance to bond outside of work. Fancy doing something a little more thrilling? Why not try go karting or maybe even conquer a few fears together and take a treetop walk in the woods.

Authors Dave Hemseth and Leslie Yerkes of 301 ways to have fun at work state: “that creating a fun atmosphere in the workplace increases productivity and morale and has a positive effect on the bottom line.”

Games and perks

Perking up your work day with games will always been a winner with employees. Refresh your mind by doing something completely random such as playing ping pong, board games, or even playing musical chairs can really help to get active and keep employees energised throughout the day. Why not even consider a dedicated games room where employees can go to relax on a lunch break. Or even setting up a onsite workout room, benefiting staff health will promote a healthier and happier lifestyle which in turn will have a positive impact on the business. Getting together once a month to watch a film in the office with popcorn or nachos gives staff a chance to relax creating a more motivated workforce.

Celebrate birthdays

Make your employees feel valued by taking the time to celebrate their birthdays, give them an extra day off, send them a gift card as a small token of gratitude. Personalising the gift and taking the time out to recognise an employees hobbies or interests can really make a difference to the way employees feel about their employer and working environment.

Physician and author Oliver Wendall Holmes once said, “We don’t quit playing.” In the workplace, fun is a tool smart entrepreneurs use to bring out the best in people and strengthen relationships between employees.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to increase the amount of fun in the workplace. But why not take the time to create a ‘fun committee’ and have employees come up with their own ways of creating fun. The choices are endless, so why not try a few and see which ones are the most popular. So go on, create fun in your workplace!