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Employee Engagement in the Workplace


Employee engagement performs a huge role in the success of any business, it’s a simple strategy that results in providing the right circumstances for employees to be committed to the goals of the organisation. Most businesses have an abundance of employees who are not motivated to do work. Research carried out by Gallup indicates that only 13% of employees in the world are engaged in the workplace. Employment engagement is significant to a business being a success.

It is important for employers to look for employees who will contribute to the success of the business. When employees are engaged, they offer more of their potential and capability and are passionate towards the company’s success. This is centred on integrity, communication and commitment between various members of the organisation. It is up to the employer to execute engagement methods, tailoring distinct needs to each employee. This in turn allows the employee to be motivated to think further, enabling them to perform to their highest level.

Below are factors which can help increase employee engagement in the workplace.

Creating a company culture

Lifting an employee’s spirits and providing them with an environment where they feel free and happy to function, is a key factor. If an employee is happy in the workplace, their engagement levels will increase, creating a positive impact on the success of the business. Making them feel valued will help them to reach their potential both in and out of the workplace.

Increasing flexibility in the workplace

Flexibility allows an employee to perform with freedom. In return an employee’s engagement is increased. Employers need to be able to trust that their employees will get their work done without the watchful eye of a supervisor. Allowing an employee to have flexible work hours, means they will be more productive and engaged in their work functions.

Using an active reward system

Employee engagement will be promoted if a recognition system is put in place, this recognition or award system can be in the form of a written or verbal acknowledgement from managers. Employees should be recognised for their exemplary actions, in some cases a physical award is added. This system will push employees to be more productive in their work. No matter how small the success, it is very important that you recognise an employee for a job well done. Research has shown that praise is a motivating factor for engagement in the workplace.

Encouraging regular feedback

Interaction between an employee and manager is vital in the workplace, this can be weekly, monthly or can take place daily. Active feedback allows the employee to understand areas in which improvement is needed, it helps them to concentrate on their current work and strive to improve future work. It is important to show the employee their opinions are valued by encouraging a two-way conversation as part of their feedback, feedback should never be one-sided.

Making managers responsible for the engagement of their employees

Organisations have to make managers accountable for the engagement of their employees. It is up to the manager to ensure that an employee’s engagement is high at all times. Their primary focus is to create a productive and engaged workplace for an employee. Helping their employees to actively focus on their work will help to ensure this high level is attained within a business.

Breaks are essential

The wellbeing of employees is at stake and therefore encouraging your employees to take short breaks away from their desks is important. Once an employee understands that an organisation is not solely focused on sales and that they care about their wellbeing, they will be motivated to work even harder and produce results.

Encouraging teamwork

A connection has to be made between employees in the organisation. Research has shown that having a close connection at the workplace will increase employee happiness level by 40% or more, this, in turn will have a positive impact on engagement levels. Employee engagement does not fall solely on the shoulders of managers. Team work does not only encourage a sharing culture but also improves communication between employees making their productivity levels increase. Friendships between staff should be encouraged rather than discouraged.

Be explicit about the roles of employees

If employees have a clear role in the workplace and are empowered with the right tools and training to perform their roles, they will be productive in the workplace. A common cause of stress is role ambiguity, organisations have to address this problem and avoid situations where different employees perform the same tasks. Having a clear and explicit role is a leading factor for employee engagement according to Gallup’s research.

Mentors should be given to new employees

Assigning a mentor to a new employee can be fundamental to a business. On the first day of a new job an employee will have a variety of questions which can be answered by a mentor, this type of mentorship programme has proven to be an active way of making employees feel welcome and part of the team. When a new employee feels like they are part of a team, they will be encouraged to be engaging in the workplace.

Create a conducive work environment

To create a positive workforce, organisations need to create a positive work environment. Having to deal with a weird smell in their office or a leak in the roof will discourage employees from being motivated to do tasks set for them, this could hinder motivation in the workplace. If the workplace is not favourable, it will aid workplace stress. It is very important to have a conducive work environment as it is a good way of increasing employee engagement.

Don’t forget that…

Employees are invaluable assets to the company and managers of organisations need to make them their priority. Using the factors and ideas outlined, organisations will find themselves with employees who are motivated to work, aiding in the positive growth of a company. It is important organisations take on board and continuously make use of these factors to foster a completely engaged workplace.

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